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Optimize Your Operations With The Most Advanced Warehouse Analytics Solutions  

5 different solutions help you to reach Logistic 4.0 

1. Analytics

​Analytics visualizes inefficiencies in slotting and picking via heat-maps and route diagrams, and provide the optimal solution that creates the highest efficiencies for your warehouse operations while comparing efficiencies of existing slotting and picking order.   

iMac empty screen
Wareop's health check solution's screen view, showing heat map and route diagram and offers optimal solution.
A computer screen
Wareop's route optimization screen, provides the shortest route using RTLS technology and increase efficiency in warehouses.

2. Route Optimization

​Thanks to RTLS technologies, Route Optimization provides the shortest route for a hand-picking process according to criteria determined by you. This solution helps you to increase hand-picking process efficiency by approximately 20%   

3. Slotting Optimization

Slotting Optimization calculates the best locations to slot your inventory into the warehouse, increasing workforce efficiency, shortening order fulfillment cycles, and maximizing throughput by using AI & Machine Learning. Warehouses can avoid inconvenient inventory slotting that reduces operational efficiencies and increase customer service performance by accelerating operations with automation.   

Before Slotting Optimization
iMac screen
Wareop's slotting optimization screen, shows how it was before our slotting optimization, red parts are everywhere.
A blank computer screen
Wareop's slotting optimization screen, shows how it is after out slotting optimization, red portions are only on the front.
After Slotting Optimization
Black tablet computer
Wareop's route assistant screen inside a tablet computer, shows work orders and the route with layout of the warehouse.
Wareop's route assistant screen inside handheld mobile terminal, shows step by step navigation for employees.

4. Route Assistant

Route Assistant provides step by step navigation for employees to show the location of every item into the warehouse to reduce time spending for searching items. Considering the high rate of employee turnover for warehouses Route Assistant aims to accelerate the adaptation process of new employees to the warehouse layout and operations. With compatibility of Android and IOS softwares, Route Assistant is easy to applicable for all warehouses.  

5. Visualization

Visualization service; It is a digital twin application that helps warehouse managers to remotely control warehouse operations. The picking process and placement can be viewed and controlled on a cloud-based website. In addition, the visualization service helps managers improve their operational strategy by calculating and visualizing the optimal route for the picking, placing process and comparing the efficiency of the current strategy and sharing potential warehouse efficiency gains.

Black iMac screen
Wareop's simulation screen, shows where the products are, which place is empty, and help to improve operational strategy.


5 cloud-based solutions help you to maintain warehouse operations more efficiently 

Our Clients 
Our Clients
About Us

WareOp is a tech start-up that was founded by YGA graduates aiming to create digitally manageable warehouses to increase operational efficiencies under the light of the Logistic 4.0 vision. 5 different cloud-based solutions that are compatible with WMS technologies provide more detailed analytics service for efficient slotting, optimal route for handpicking process, navigation for employees to find assets more quickly and digitally controllable warehouse for managers to check warehouse operations remotely. As a WareOp, we aim to be the best company in the EU and MENA that offer the best analytics solution for the logistic industry to help our partners to reach the highest operational efficiencies by using their resource optimally. 

About Us
Our Team
Our Team
Ersin Güray, Wareop's CEO and founder

Ersin Güray

CEO & Founder

Osman Taşçı, Wareop's data and backend developer

Osman Taşçı

Data & Backend

Zafer Arpacıoğlu, Wareop's operation specialist

Zafer Arpacıoğlu

Business Development

Mert Akat, Wareop's machine learning engineer

Mert Akat

Machine Learning Engineer

Atakan Göl, Wareop's machine learning engineer

Atakan Göl

Machine Learning Engineer

Mehmet Raşid Üçkardeşler, Wareop's map designer

Mehmet Raşid Üçkardeşler

Map Design

Billur Nehir Demirdöken, Wareop's marketing specialist

Billur Nehir Demirdöken

Marketing Specialist

Hardware Warehouse

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