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What Problem Does It Solve?

  • In the orders created by the Warehouse Management System(WMS), the locations to be visited are put in order by traditional algorithms, or no optimization is made. In cases where the warehouse worker visits five or more locations to collect the order, the location-stopping order created by WMS causes a high inefficiency.

  • It is known that picking operation accounts for up to %55 of the total operating costs of the warehouse. 

What are the Benefits?

  • Creating an order picking route close to the shortest path with artificial intelligence algorithms instead of the order picking route created with traditional order picking methods

  • It is ensured that the warehouse worker visits the locations that need to be visited in the order, close to the most optimal route.

  • The number of shipments from the warehouse is increased.

  • It allows the current operation to be carried out with fewer employees.

  • There is a 20%-30% decrease in the distance covered by the warehouse workers while collecting products in the warehouse.

How Does It Work?

  • The operation of this service requires real-time integration.

  • The order routes (order of destinations) created by the warehouse management system (WMS) are transferred to our system operating in the Cloud environment to be optimized through web services. Optimized routes are sent back to warehouse workers' hand terminals or WMS via web service.

What is It?

The developed artificial intelligence algorithm provides the most accurate addressing in the warehouse for each product by learning from historical order data and sales forecast data. It results in higher picking efficiency, reduced labor costs, and optimum capacity utilization.

What We Give You Different From Others?

  • Artificial Intelligence algorithms are used instead of using traditional order picking algorithms (Largest Gap, S Shape etc.)

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