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What Problem Does It Solve?

Employees responsible for warehouse operations spend most of their time and efforts to make existing warehouse operations smooth. Making warehouse operations smooth may require breaking existing warehouse rules. These deteriorated rules affect the product placement in the warehouse more and more each day. Defects and irregularities in product placement also negatively affect product collection in a chained manner.

What are the Benefits?

  • Existing inefficiencies or efficiencies in the warehouse are revealed with a user-friendly interface with low effort.

  • Extracts actionable insights from existing reports.

How Does It Work?

The analysis service works by uploading the order picking data of the previous months that took place in the warehouse to the WareOp platform. The time required to produce heat maps, product route diagrams, and the dashboard resulting from the analysis service depends on the size of the warehouse (number of locations, etc.) and the size of the data uploaded to the platform.

What is It?

The analysis service uses the data kept in WMS to show inefficiencies in product placement and product collection in a short time through heat maps, product route diagrams, and dashboards. The actual product placement and product collection operations are analyzed with the big data method, and the efficiency level of the operations is determined. It makes efficiency opportunities visible with the help of heat maps and route diagrams.

What We Give You Different From Others?

Getting the comprehensive output from the analysis service is almost effortless, simple, and cost-effective.

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