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What Problem Does It Solve?

  • Warehouse capacity constraint

  • Inadequate area-based ABC analysis

  • The inability of product placement to respond to current demands

  • Placing only on historical data

What are the Benefits?

  • By examining the data in WMS for a long time, they can obtain the warehouse layout that warehouse managers will create but cannot be sure of its performance, with less effort and confidence in its performance.

  • Increases the efficiency of using warehouse capacity.

  • It eliminates inefficiencies in product collection routes caused by warehouse layout.

  • Can simulate optimal placement

How Does It Work? Version 1: Instant Integration

  • Optimizes warehouse utilization (number of free locations). It is ensured that the current operation continues with less occupied locations.

  • The placement service takes the data it needs from the WMS with instant integration to the WMS of the warehouse and performs the optimal product placement and refill operations, and then returns the result to the WMS.

What is It?

Slotting optimization is the process of analyzing and adjusting the correct placement of inventory in the warehouse based on its collection frequency. It provides the most accurate addressing in the warehouse for each product by learning from historical order data and sales forecast data with artificial intelligence algorithms.

What We Give You Different From Others?

  • Instead of solving the slotting problem with traditional methods, it is done by using the historical data of the warehouse and the forecast data about the future together with artificial intelligence algorithms.

  • Product-based addressing

  • Dynamic

How Does It Work? Version 2: Upload Data to the Platform

  • It determines the primary locations of the products in the warehouse. It does not deal with product placement and refilling. It only works like a referral system.

  • The locations suggested by the system can optionally upload to WMS, and the placement can be optimized in this way.

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