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What Problem Does It Solve?

  • Obtaining information with great effort by looking at raw data in WMS.

  • A narrow view of warehouse operations.

  • The high license cost and difficulty of using simulation programs

  • Visualizations made on Excel are not sustainable

What are the Benefits?

  • Even when the warehouse manager or employee is not physically present in the warehouse, he can instantly see the status of the warehouse.

  • The warehouse layout of the past can be easily seen.

  • Inefficiencies in handpicking routes can be effortlessly examined.

  • Information flow and transparency between departments are ensured, and the operation is made visible.

  • The distribution of the filtered inventory in the warehouse can be seen.

How Does It Work?

The visualization service integrates with the database where WMS data is stored and works both to show the instant warehouse location and to show the warehouse location of the past date.

What is It?

Visualization gives you the digital twin of your warehouse. So, you can overview your warehouse operations with real-time and past data.   

What We Give You Different From Others?

  • Display of order picking routes via visualization

  • 3D interactive design

  • Real-time personnel and asset tracking via visualization

  • Visualization of warehouse layout information for the past date

  • Easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface

  • Easy and fast integration

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